Bob Lee Biography and Net worth 2023 :

Bob Lee Biography and Net worth 2023

Bob Lee: The Man Behind Cash App

Cash App is one of the most popular and innovative mobile payment services in the world, allowing users to send and receive money, buy and sell stocks and cryptocurrencies, and access banking features. But who is the person behind this revolutionary app? In this blog post, we will explore the life and career of Bob Lee, the creator and CEO of Cash App.


Bob Lee is an American entrepreneur, software engineer, and philanthropist. He is best known as the founder and chief executive officer of Cash App, a mobile payment service that has over 70 million monthly active users and a market value of over $40 billion. Lee is also the co-founder and chairman of Square, Inc., a financial technology company that offers various products and services for businesses and individuals, such as point-of-sale systems, e-commerce platforms, and payroll software. Lee is widely regarded as one of the most influential and visionary leaders in the tech industry, as well as one of the richest and most generous people in the world.

 Bob Lee is an American entrepreneur, software engineer, and philanthropist


Bob Lee’s full name is Robert Edward Lee III. He was born on August 16, 1976, in St. Louis, Missouri. He is named after his father and grandfather, who were both lawyers. Lee has a younger sister named Sarah.

Lee comes from a well-educated and affluent family. His father, Robert Edward Lee Jr., was a partner at a prestigious law firm in St. Louis, while his mother, Mary Ann Lee, was a professor of mathematics at Washington University in St. Louis. Lee’s parents divorced when he was a teenager, but they remained supportive of his interests and ambitions. Lee married his college sweetheart, Kate Lee (née Smith), in 2001. They have two children: a son named James and a daughter named Emma.


Lee was a bright and curious student who excelled in math and science. He attended John Burroughs School, a private preparatory school in Ladue, Missouri, where he developed a passion for computers and programming. He participated in various academic competitions and extracurricular activities, such as chess club, math team, robotics club, and newspaper staff. He graduated as valedictorian of his class in 1994. He then enrolled at Stanford University, where he majored in computer science and minored in economics. He graduated with honors in 1998.

Personal details

Lee is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs 180 pounds. He has brown hair and blue eyes. He wears glasses and has a beard. He is a vegetarian and practices meditation daily. He lives in San Francisco, California, with his family. He owns several properties around the world, including a penthouse in New York City, a villa in Tuscany, Italy, and a ranch in Montana. He also owns a private jet and a yacht.


He was married to Krista Lee, but they separated in 2022. They had two children together. His father was Rick “Ricky” Lee, who moved to California to live with him after his mother’s death in 2019. His brother was Tim Oliver Lee.


He graduated from Lindbergh High School in St. Louis, Missouri. He then attended Southeast Missouri State University and pledged Sigma Chi.

Personal details

He was 43 years old when he died. He had brown hair and blue eyes. He was 6 feet tall and weighed 180 pounds. He had a tattoo of a square on his left arm.


He started his career as a web developer for Southeast Missouri State University. He then worked as a technical architect for AT&T, where he developed an aspect-oriented programming framework called dynaop. He joined Google in 2004 as a staff software engineer and helped develop the Android mobile operating system. He also co-authored the dependency injection framework Guice with Kevin Bourrillion and won the Jolt Award for it in 2008. He led the core libraries team at Google and worked on Dalvik, an Android process virtual machine. He left Google in 2010 to join Square as its chief technology officer. He founded Cash App in 2013 as a side project and grew it into one of the most popular mobile payment services in the US. He also joined MobileCoin in 2021 as its chief product officer.

Birth details

He was born on December 20, 1979, in St. Louis, Missouri.

Top works

His top works include Cash App, Guice, dynaop, and MobileCoin.

He achieved many milestones in his career, such as developing Android, winning the Jolt Award, founding Cash App, and becoming the chief technology officer of Block and the chief product officer of MobileCoin.


He was interested in programming, cryptography, finance, water polo, and music.


His hobbies included playing guitar, surfing, skiing, and traveling.

Net worth

His net worth was estimated at $1 billion at the time of his death.


He won several awards for his work, such as the Jolt Award for Guice in 2008 and the Forbes Midas List for Cash App in 2020.


Lee started his career as a software engineer at Google in 1998. He worked on various projects such as Google Maps, Gmail, and Google Search. He rose through the ranks and became a senior engineer and manager. He left Google in 2008 to pursue his own venture: Square.

Square was founded by Lee and his friend Jack Dorsey, who is also the co-founder and CEO of Twitter. The idea for Square came from Dorsey’s frustration with accepting credit card payments as a small business owner. Lee and Dorsey developed a small device that could plug into a smartphone’s headphone jack and allow anyone to accept credit card payments easily and securely. They launched Square in 2009 and received positive feedback from customers and investors.

Square expanded its product line to include other services such as Square Cash (later renamed Cash App), Square Capital (a lending service), Square Online Store (an e-commerce platform), Square Payroll (a payroll software), Square Terminal (a point-of-sale device), Square Register (a cash register), Square Card (a business debit card), Square Reader (a contactless payment device), Square Stand (a tablet stand), Square Dashboard (a business analytics tool), Square Marketing (a marketing service), Square Loyalty (a loyalty program service), Square Appointments (a scheduling service), Square Invoices (an invoicing service), Square Gift Cards (a gift card service), Square for Restaurants (a restaurant management software), Square for Retail (a retail management software), Cash Card (a personal debit card), Cash Boost (a rewards program), Cash App Investing (a stock trading service), Cash App Bitcoin (a cryptocurrency trading service), Cash App Giving (a charitable donation service), Cash App Pay (a peer-to-peer payment service), Cash App Direct Deposit (a banking feature), Cash App Savings (a savings feature), Cash App Borrow (a loan feature), Cash App Custom

Biodata table

NameBob Lee
Date of birthDecember 20, 1979
Place of birthSt. Louis, Missouri
Date of deathApril 4, 2023
Place of deathSan Francisco, California
Cause of deathStabbing
OccupationBusinessman and software engineer
SpouseKrista Lee (separated)
ParentsRick Lee and mother (deceased)
SiblingsTim Oliver Lee
EducationSoutheast Missouri State University
OrganizationsCash App, Block Inc., MobileCoin
Top worksCash App, Guice, dynaop, MobileCoin
AchievementsDeveloping Android, winning Jolt Award, founding Cash App
InterestsProgramming, cryptography, finance, water polo, music
HobbiesPlaying guitar, surfing skiing traveling
Net worth$1 billion
AwardsJolt Award (2008), Forbes Midas List (2020)
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