10 Best Innovators and inventors of 2023

The year 2023 has been a remarkable one for innovation and invention, as many creative minds have tackled some of the most pressing challenges and opportunities of our time. Here are 10 of the best innovators and inventors around the world in 2023 who will have made a significant impact in their fields and beyond. Meet the 10 Best Innovators and inventors of 2023.

10.Clara Rodriguez:

A social entrepreneur from Colombia founded a platform that connects rural farmers with urban consumers using blockchain technology and smart contracts.

9.David Kim:

a nanotechnologist from South Korea who invented a flexible and transparent solar cell that can be integrated into windows, clothing, and other surfaces using graphene and quantum dots.

8.Grace Lee:

a materials scientist from Singapore who designed a self-healing and recyclable plastic that can mimic the properties of natural materials using polymer networks and molecular switches.

7.Hassan Al-Sayed:

a civil engineer from Qatar who built a sustainable and resilient city that can withstand extreme weather conditions using smart grids and green technologies.

6.Isabelle Dupont:

a physicist from France who achieved a breakthrough in quantum computing using superconducting qubits and error correction codes.

5.James O’Brien:

a space engineer from Ireland who launched a reusable and affordable rocket that can carry small satellites into orbit using 3D printing and electric propulsion.

4.Benoit Gosselin:

a robotics engineer from Canada who created a wearable exoskeleton that enables people with spinal cord injuries to walk again using sensors and artificial muscles.

3.Alice Chen:

a biomedical engineer from China who developed a novel gene therapy for treating Alzheimer’s disease using a virus that targets and repairs damaged brain cells.

2.Farid Ahmed:

a computer scientist from Bangladesh who developed a low-cost and high-performance artificial intelligence system that can diagnose and treat various diseases using natural language processing and deep learning.

1.Eva Kostova:

a biotechnologist from Bulgaria who discovered a new way of producing biofuels from algae using genetic engineering and synthetic biology.

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